vladimir vojnović

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 This is how pathetic a musician looks like after 11 hours of video shooting. 
I am an obsessive-compulsive musician. Regardless of how the day went, I still work relentlessly. A huge support from my wife and my family made this awkward situation easier. I can’t profile myself because I write songs, play different instruments, produce, take photographs, etc. That’s why I never managed to perfect any of these crafts, but when all these passions are combined, I always have the final product. My debut solo album "Micro Universe" was released in 2016. The second one "The Ten States of Mind" is out now.
I was born on November 26th, 1984. Started playing piano at the age of 7 (amazingly, this happened voluntarily, my parents had nothing to do with this). During my childhood I was mentored by private teachers who taught me how to play various music genres. At the age of 16 I started gigging with a cover band "Lifetime" which eventually evolved into an alternative rock band - "Azil 5". This band forged the basics of my musical identity. Until this day Azil 5 has released 3 studio and 2 live albums and has continuously performed in Serbia and across Europe. In 2009. I felt the need to broaden my horizons so I started my own recording music studio and began producing music. During 2012, I formed another band called "Loveback" (duet would be a more appropriate term) with my friend, singer Ana Perisic. The result of this wonderful collaboration was the album - "Live Again". Currently I am promoting my second solo album. I live happily, blessed with my daughter Iskra (eng. Spark) and my wife Adriana in the town of Novi Sad, northern Serbia.